CARBERRY GMBH specialists are pleased to announce the expansion of the brake caliper commodity group, which the German company produces under the Blitz brand. Blitz brake calipers are used to install on car leading manufacturers.

Among the main design features and important competitive advantages of Blitz brake calipers, their production can be noted exclusively from the highest quality alloys, as well as special precision piston treatment, which guarantees the durable operation of autocomponents. In addition, seals made of high-quality rubber provide reliable operation of the caliper in a wide range of temperatures while maintaining all the technical features of the part. The working surface of the cylinder and the piston is processed using the surface seal technology, which ensures long-lasting pair of «cylinder-piston».

The current extension of the Blitz caliper assortment is touched by car brands such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Mitsubishi. For example, you can allocate the following new headings:

All Blitz brake calipers have certificates that allow them to use both in the EU countries and in the Russian Federation and the countries of the Customs Union. On all brand products, an annual warranty has been operating since the purchase.

Using Blitz brake system components on your car is a guarantee of maximum safety and comfort on the road.

About company:

The German company Carberry GmbH specializes in the production of a variety of spare parts and components for cars of leading world manufacturers. Carberry GmbH’s portfolio includes Blitz, Torr, HAFT, Green Filter, Free-Z, Fixar,

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