This message was the starting point in our micro-investigation. The press center of the Russian office reported that in official dealer centers, Skoda began receiving orders for the Skoda KaroQ crossover in all-wheel drive execution. The cost of Skoda Karoq 4×4 in the basic configuration is 1 million 468 thousand rubles. All-wheel drive Skoda Karoq is distinguished by an increased up to 164 mm (+4 mm) road lumen and optional 18-inch alloy discs. For the all-wheel drive version of Skoda Karoq, an engine is offered 1.4 TSI, which develops the power of 150 hp. and combined with robotic 6-speed DSG. Recall, first in the Russian market started the front-wheel drive Skoda Karoq, also accessible with the engine 1.4 TSI / 150 hp Combined with an automatic 8-speed gearbox.

This model has a very small ground clearance. It is clear that the crossover is designed to operate in urban conditions. On a number of models of ordinary passenger cars, the magnitude of the lumen more than the Czech conductor. Not to mention competitors. New Renault Arkana — 205 mm, and

And here the question arises. And is it often a Russian motorist need a car with a big

But back to the full drive. Of course, there is a small part of the audience of Russian car enthusiasts, which is necessary for the complete drive to conquer off-road. For example, during the departure of nature with the most different purposes, be it hunting or fishing, or traveling with extreme elements, or other types of country walks by car. For such envoys, there are all-wheel drive cars from Lada 4×4 and UAZ patriot to huge SUVs.

But for most urban car enthusiasts, the most extreme is departing to the dacha on the gravius. It is clear that for such a trip, the car 4×4 is not needed. This, in particular, is reflected in the number of purchased off-road cars. If in the distant 2008, the share of all-wheel drive versions in the SUV segment was 92% of the total number, then last year it decreased to 71%. And this is the global trend of our car market. It is easy to make a forecast that further the share of all-wheel drive in the sales structure of new cars SUV will decline.

This trend was caught by Chinese automakers, which bring to our market and sell almost only front-wheel drive crossovers. But the Chinese have not yet «do not make the weather» in our market, but what is the proportion of a full drive for mass crossovers? The above diagram shows the proportion of all-wheel drive modifications from different models of car class SUV different brands. Among the most-selling crossovers, the highest share of the full drive (90%) has Renault Duster. This is due to the fact that buyers of this model live in the regions where the four-wheel drive is not a luxury, but a means of movement. In addition, the automaker conducts weighted pricing policy, since the surcharge for Duster 4×4 is not large — only about 60 thousand rubles (in pre-crisis prices). Usually, when buying other models, such as

However, in this segment there is a premium, and in it a four-wheel drive is considered an integral characteristic of the SUV. Moreover, at a price of several million rubles, an additional fee for full thousand rubles is non-critical for the buyer. Large Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Land Rover The share of all-wheel drive modifications is committed to 100%. In the mass segment, the picture is different, buyers consider money, and therefore in it the share of the full drive can be significantly lower.

Among other reasons for the decline, we call the uneconomicality of all-wheel drive models. Even if such a car travels with a disconnected second bridge, he spends more fuel, since this modification is heavier to define, and an extra weight means an additional fuel consumption. Experts argue that on average fuel consumption on the all-wheel drive car exceeds the monoprifable versions of 1-2 liters per 100 km of mileage. You can take a calculator and calculate how the average will have to spend more at your annual run.

Another reason to reduce the popularity of the full drive in Russia is the rise in prices for maintenance and repair of such a car. The cost of consumables, spare parts and work has been growing recently, and the car is 4×4, as is known, requires additional care. On average through 60 thousand mileage, it is necessary to change the oil in the gearbox and dispensing box. Consider another risk associated with a possible way out of the elements of the full drive nodes. Repair box or Viscounts are very expensive.