Every day, the information tape brings reports of the difficulties of one, then another world automaker. But if the problems of the South Korean SsangYong or the Indian company Mahindra in Russia do not care about anyone due to their absence here, then reports from the main player of the Russian car market of the Franco-Japanese Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance inspire some alarm.

As you know, in the Russian Federation, the total proportion of automakers of the members of the Alliance, including the domestic AvtoVAZ, is 39%. (Read about the structure of the Russian market in our material «

But here is the specificity. It is necessary to consider the real weight of the Russian market from individual automakers of the Alliance.

What is interesting, it turns out, in this alliance

China’s main market for the Alliance became China: 1.72 million cars were sold there. But the Japanese is more successful. It just became known that Renault leaves the PRC, breaking the joint venture with Dongfeng.

For everyone from members of the Union, their priority markets: Nissan was best sold in the United States (1.59 million), Mitsubishi — in the subway (129 thousand), and Renault with subsidiaries in France — about 674 thousand cars. And what is the place of the Russian market?

Russia — the second largest market for the Renault group:

Well, now about what is happening inside the alliance and how it can affect. Today, Renault difficulties and the state threatened to nationalize the company, that is, to increase its share in share capital. The nationalization of the state Renault was already after World War II. The fact is that the then owner of Louis Renault collaborated with the occupying authorities. After the liberation of France, the company switched to the state, and Louis Renault was put in prison. Then the state was increasingly retired from the ownership of the controlling stake and selling shares. Today it is the owner of 15% of the shares. An alliance partner can come to the rescue of the French automaker. Mitsubishi Corp is ready to purchase 10 percent of the shares of the French company Renault. According to the newspaper Les Echos with reference to the unnamed source, it provides one of the scenarios of the strengthening of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. It is expected that the details about the new strategy will appear in May. Yet for Renault you can be calm. From Russia is unlikely to leave, although some optimization processes can be planned, which told our channel in this

Another member of the Nissan Alliance inspires the alarm. The leadership of the Japanese automaker came to the conclusion that it is urgent to rest and quickly reach profitability. To do this, a Total restructuring plan should be prepared.

Even before Pandemic, Nissan had huge problems. The company spent too much for aggressive expansion and sales extension. Pandemic just aggravated the situation.

Nissan’s restructuring and saving plans are scheduled to be implemented until 2023 and the basic level of sales should be 5 million cars per year. Approximately so many cars implemented the Japanese cargoant in 2019, in more successful 2017 more than 5.82 million.

Now about the long-term ambitious plans for Nissan at 7-8 million cars per year can be forgotten.

The company should think about reducing the scope of 2020-2022 years. Many experts encouragingly believe that the decline in sales will mean the closure of three to four factories in the world and the reduction of the state by about 10%. And here it is an interesting question. And which enterprises will be closed?

We all remember that last year the American Ford, fulfilling a similar plan for restructuring in Europe, left its enterprises working in Germany, Great Britain of Spain and Romania, but closed them in the Russian Federation and in France. «Under the knife» went

And if the Nissan restructure will begin and 3-4 plant will be closed, then our