How often do you meet such catchy headers of the type, internal combustion engines live in recent years, or electric motors will survive in DVS in a few years and many similar. But none of these authors seriously thought about the meaning. Yes, the authorities of a number of cities marked the deadlines when there will be no cars in their streets with the usual internal combustion engines: it is 2030, and 2040. Maybe this will take place, but in the future.

But many experts think somewhat differently. Moreover, even in those companies that are actively working on electromotive and hybrid power plants. So, in Volkswagen are not going to refuse to the usual motors in the right to exist. And even explained why. Technical chief Volkswagen Matias Rabel told the AUTOCAR publication that traditional internal combustion engines would live much longer than some experts predict.

According to him,

Synthetic fuel will be made from natural materials and will not allocate CO2. However, their development and implementation will require time and considerable investments. Despite this, the company is confident that the future is so fuel.

Interestingly, relatively recently about such intentions also stated in Mazda. Interestingly, a combustible company is going to use for the production of fuel microalgae. The Japanese company is already cooperating with a number of research institutes to move in this industry.

Nevertheless, in early March, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that the German autoconecern Volkswagen announced the cessation of the production of cars with gas fuel. Frank Welsh, head of the development concern, explained such a decision by the practical lack of demand for cars with a gas engine. Do not expect in the concern and the emergence of interest in such a car and in the near future. Therefore, Volkswagen is now concentrated on vehicles with electric motors and other alternative engines on synthetic or hydrogen fuel.

The German concern has its vision to further ways to develop car engines. Against

Over the past year, natural gas consumption by road increased by 30% in the country, compared to a year earlier. The state has a support mechanism, subsidizing the construction of gas planning infrastructure. In 25 subjects of the Russian Federation, the transport tax rate for vehicles on natural gas was partially reduced or reset. Recently, the Government of Mishoustina adopted the program «Development of the gas engine fuel market». Ambitious goals are stated. Growth consumption of natural gas as motor fuel, the development of gas structural infrastructure, as well as an increase in the equipment of the equipment on natural gas.

Until December 31, 2024, 19.3 billion rubles will be allocated to the development of the gas engine fuel market from the federal budget of the Russian Federation. At the end of 2024, the volume of natural gas consumption as a motor fuel will increase to 2.7 billion cubic meters. m, the number of stationary aggasses will increase to 1,273 units, and the Park of Natural Gas technology will be replenished with new vehicles in the amount of at least 40 thousand units.

The priority development of the gas engine fuel market will be in the European part of the Russian Federation.