The Chinese brand is HAVAL, the model range of which consists of crossovers and SUVs, gradually rises in the rating of popularity and already thoroughly fixed in the top 15 Russian car market. If this Chinese automaker will go further, it is not far that time when an aggressive brand from the Middle Kingdom will enter the top ten of the Russian Federation. It will be an unprecedented step.

However, today you can see how the company goes to this purpose. Not in vain, the head of the HAVAL brand in an interview with the main Russian newspaper spoke about her. This is 5% of the Russian market for new cars and the leader in the SUV segment in the Russian Federation by 2025.

Just flashed and left unnoticed for a wide automotive audience a message that Haval starts building another plant in Russia, in addition to the working assembly production «Havale Motor Manufechuring Rus» in the Tula region. This time it is a factory for the production of engines, as well as a research center.

According to preliminary data, engines for brand cars will be collected on a platform of 10,000 square meters. The company will create more than 300 new jobs.

In addition, another 60 specialists will work in the New Research Center. It is expected that its creation will allow the company to adapt the machines to the Russian market as much as possible.

«For the next 8 years, the company has allocated 1.7 billion rubles for research and development, including the construction of a new modeling center and test complexes. The plan is to hire about 60 engineers who will be fully supported by the R & D team in the head office, «» Chinese cars «the words of the head of the Russian office of the brand of the barrack of this.

The total investment in projects will be about 3.5 billion rubles. It is expected that it will make it possible to conclude a special kontraktract (SPIK) with the Russian authorities, which will allow to qualify for Gosussidy to obtain support. It is noteworthy that until now, the profile department (Ministry of Industry RF) has not concluded a contract with Haval, like those that are with other foreign automakers. Apparently in this department a strongly anti-Chinese lobby.

If we ask yourself a question: why is China’s Chinese automaker? The answer lies on the surface. Thanks to the implementation of this project, Haval will increase the localization of crossovers for the Russian market. Localization in the light of the latter trends will help the Chinese company to strengthen its position in the Russian market, regulate the price policy. However, it previously stated that the automaker intends to increase localization to a very decent level of 70%. Now they are talking about 30% of the localization of the HAVAL Tula assembly.

Today, Haval, according to the reports of the European Business Association (AEB) takes the 13th place. In fact, this is the second echelon market players. The Chinese company has a model range consisting of crossovers and SUVs, in the most popular and most importantly, a dynamically growing class of cars in the Russian market. It is now that there are prerequisites to strengthen their presence, conquer and strengthen their positions and become a player of the first echelon. In principle, this is the main goal of the ambitious Chinese automaker.

By the way, it also unnoticed, recently flashed the news that the «maternal» company Great Wall, which is owned by Haval since the beginning of the year, has acquired a car factor in India from the American company GENERAL MOTORS. And the Indian market is considered one of the most promising today. And then the Chinese company added another General Motors plant in Thailand to the list of its assets. Here is such an aggressive growth in Asia.

But back to the native «Penates». As Haval tells us, the production complex of the motor factory in the Tula region next to the existing company will take the area of 10,000 sq.m. An additional 300 jobs will be created at the factory. Evaluating this information can be noted the following points.

Plant with such an area and so many frames, this is a fairly small production room. Compare, Volkswagen engines plant in Kaluga, which has a production capacity of 150 thousand motors per year, has a production area three times big, namely 32 thousand sq.m. Investments exceeded 300 million euros. At the Kaluga Plant for the release of engines, mechanical processing of the cylinder block, the head of the cylinder block, crankshaft and the assembly of the power unit are made. Note that the above aggregates are delivered from Ulyanovsk, where Nemak’s VW partner has its own production of blocks of cylinders and cylinder heads, crankshafts come from embankments. Approximately the same parameters and the Hyundai motor factory under construction.

Recall, the HAVAL assembly site in the Tula region was opened in the spring of 2019. Today, the F7, F7X and H9 crossovers are collected at the factory, as well as HAVAL H5 frame offs.