Delphi Technologies, a global auto parts manufacturer for after-sales service, has expanded its range of spare parts for the brake system. They have proven themselves very well in Europe. In 2019, the company has released more than 130 new products in brake pads and discs for popular new cars, including for a rapidly growing Asian Park, as well as for hybrid and electric cars. Installing new items in addition to 19 million cars, the company now offers a range covering more than 97 percent of brake discs and 98.6 percent of the pads in Europe. The latest innovations, in addition to the extensive line, will allow an independent one hundred to satisfy the needs of a rapidly developing vehicle park with the highest quality spare parts for fast and profitable repair.

A new range of quickly wearing parts for the latest vehicles

Delphi Technologies quickly adds the necessary spare parts to the secondary market as soon as possible. For pads, one of the critical elements, the first to be replaced, this is usually necessary within 6 months after the car start, and 12 months for disks. Last year, for example, the company launched new components for Range Rover Evoque (06/19), Volvo S60 (05/19>), BMW 7 Series (03/19>) and Mercedes B-Class (01/19>).

Fast Growing Asian Car Service

To quickly satisfy the growing demand for spare parts, the company expands its ruler for Japanese and Korean cars. An extended range includes more than 2,600 parts (the entire brake range for Asian automakers), installed on popular vehicles, such as Mazda 3 (01/19>), Hyundai i30 Fastback (11/18>), Nissan Qashqai (04/19 >) And Toyota Corolla (02/19>), and covers more than 99 percent of the European Park Park and 97.7 percent on disks.


Leading positions occupy hybrid and electric vehicles

Delphi Technologies also introduces new product line for supporting the rapidly growing market of hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV). Using its experience of pioneer in the field of technologies for engines, solutions and services, as well as the rich legacy of the leading brake system manufacturer, the company already covers more than 95 percent of the European HEV Park on the pads and 93 percent on disks. These are details for cars, such as Toyota Corolla (02/19>), Yaris (04/15>), Auris (12/18>) and Prius (01/16>), Mitsubishi Outlander (09/18>), Lexus EU 300N (07/18>), Peugeot 508 (08/19>), Volvo XC40 (06/19>), Mazda CX30 (07/19>). The company provides the after-sales market serves access to developing service capabilities — due to proven and high-quality products.


Delphi Technologies, represented in more than 150 countries and has an international network of authorized auto services, which has more than 2,400 hundred network, offers comprehensive solutions that meet the specifications of automakers from autocomponents to complex software solutions. A wide range of products includes components for gasoline and diesel fuel systems, solutions for maintenance, engine control system components and automotive electronics. At the heart of the Delphi Technologies solutions portfolio for the auto service segment — diagnostic and test equipment OE-level, comprehensive technical information, as well as special educational programs. All this allows maintenance stations to carry out efficient and high-quality repair of vehicles at the first time. The company is an international supplier of components and solutions for passenger and commercial vehicles, agricultural and industrial equipment, as well as for maritime transport.

About Delphi Technologies

Delphi Technologies is a global technologies supplier in the field of engineering, contributing to improving the efficiency and environmental friendliness of modern vehicles. The company creates innovative solutions for internal combustion engines, hybrid and fully electric passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Possessing tremendous experience in the production of original equipment, Delphi Technologies offers comfortable and high-quality solutions and products for the after-sales service market. Head office Delphi Technologies is located in London, United Kingdom. The company today is: more than 21,000 employees worldwide, as well as production sites, technical centers and service centers located in 24 countries.