Dayco, a leading supplier of engine components and drive systems for the auto industry and the after-sales service market, did not remain aside and actively uses its resources in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the production of one of the most important components embedded in a mask for scuba diving, Dayco allows you to convert them to a protective respirator.

In the process of adapting masks supplied by the Decaton network, including engineers and partners of the Italian company ISINNOVA, which transform a mask for outdoor activities to a protective resource, already used by Northern Italy Hospital and the Italian organization Red Cross.

Acidly aware of the value of life saving lives, Dayco offers a key component — Charlotte valve, allowing you to use a mask as a medical respirator. These valves are manufactured using 3D printers at one of the production facilities Dayco in San Bernardo, Ivrea in the north of Italy.

Commenting on the development, President of Dayco Global PowerTrain Operations, Michael Weiss, said: «In order to engage in the fight against the virus, we immediately decided to use our production capabilities and technologies to fully power to create Charlotte valves in the required quantity to actively respond to emergency situations at the national and international levels.

We are constantly holding a connection with the production in Ivera, the hospitals of San Giovanni Bosco and the Red Cross organization to exercise large-scale supplies of finished products that are easily and quickly installed. In combination with the action of three accompanying valves in the face of the mask, the Charlotte valve converts it into a rescue device. «