The thermostat is becoming an increasingly «hot topic». Thus, electronically adjustable water pumps, both driven by the timing belt, and from the drive belt of the auxiliary equipment are raised by the efficiency of the engine. This means: Above the efficiency, less fuel consumption and, consequently, a decrease in the number of harmful emissions.

So that these advantages remain even after replacing the original components, Continental is constantly expanding the range of products in this area. New products in product line are, for example, WP6098 water pumps (Volkswagen), WPS3025 (BMW) or WPS3027 (Mercedes-Benz). Now work is being done to prepare for the emergence of many other types in the market.

Such constructively complex and functional integrated components have practically no analogues in the after-sales service market. Continental products accurately comply with the specifications of manufacturers or even exceed them. For retail sales and maintenance stations, this will be a big advantage in terms of the reliability of components. And for drivers it will mean a decrease in fuel consumption. This allows not only to save the budget, but also more favorable for the environment.