Our bodies consist of a variety of joints. Thanks to them, we can move more dynamically and flexibly, easy to cope with shock loads. Exactly the same role in the design of the car suspension, the ball support is performed — more speakers, less damage from shock loads.

When using ball bearings, the car suspension nodes have a wide range of geometry. Thanks to the ball hinge, they can freely move in any directions in the horizontal plane and at the same time remain stable in the vertical. In addition, the ball support assumes all the impact loads, protecting the suspension from them.

Always like new

CTR ball supports are not only dynamics, but also durability.

Corrosion protection

CTR ball supports have a coating applied with an electrochemical way, in quality comparable to OE level. This allows you to prevent corrosion.

Unlike ball supports of other brands that save on surface treatment, CTR supports withstand more than 240 hours in the testing of salt fog

What will happen if the ball finger and the saddle will be fulfilled only from steel?

Steel saddle is subject to severe wear. It is difficult to maintain the initial moment of turning the finger and the gap, which leads to a rapid drop in performance. Details will rub each other, the temperature rises, and the lubricant evaporates when overheating.

Therefore, CTR uses polymer liners. Minimal friction damage, reduction of changes in the initial torque of the rotation of the finger and the gap allow you to maintain high support performance.

Know-how in OE production technologies

No foreign substances inside the design

CTR carefully controls the quality of production due to its own know-how in the field of production processes and ready-made products. As a result, ready-made ball supports are reliably protected from foreign substances from entering the design when working at a maximum operating angle in any environment.

In addition, specially designed materials made it possible to significantly increase all the characteristics of the part.

High performance

CTR develops and applies special lubrication. This allows the ball joints to move more smoothly and maintain a low torque torque even in extreme conditions — for example, at high or low temperatures. In addition, the lubricant protects the ball finger from rust.

Hardness and smoothness

When the ball hinge works, the ball and the saddle continue to rub each other. If the surface of the ball is rough, it can damage the inner surface of the saddle and worsen the performance of the entire node.

To avoid CTR uses several approaches at once:

• Heat treatment and cold forging add durability ball.

• At the stage of processing a ball, the CTR is achieved by the perfectly smooth surface, without roughness and jackets.

• Alloy steel used for the manufacture of balls has high strength and resistance to any surface damage during operation.

About company

CTR is a global manufacturer of pendant parts, steering, transmission and brake systems. The company was founded in 1971 in the city of Busan, South Korea. In the short historical period, 14 plants were built, 11 of which are located in South Korea, representative offices in many countries of the world are opened, including Russia and the CIS countries. About 90% of products are supplies to conveyors 19 car brands, including all leading Korean brands, as well as General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, Alliance Renault Nissan, PSA Group, Chrysler, Volvo. All products supplied to the independent car market market are manufactured at factories in South Korea and in Vietnam on the same technologies and on the same equipment as for conveyor supplies.