Even during the very difficult crisis in the automotive market, crossovers and SUVs constitute its most significant part. Their popularity has not decreased. And it can be stated that even in such a difficult time is gaining momentum … Chinese cars.

Well, now we will not approve alone, but turn to the facts, since the facts are stubborn. And consider the state of affairs on the example of the most popular class of cars — SUV C. If in the Russian Federation, 415 thousand passenger cars and light commercial vehicles were sold in the Russian Federation from the beginning of the year to April, then 212 thousand came to crossovers and SUVs. That is, consider half the market of new cars.

Class C — the most numerous and most

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But this list of the 10 most popular cars of the class with brought an unexpected result.

Renault in Russia rarely tells how much its new product has implemented. And then we saw real numbers. Renault.

We follow the fate of this domestic novelty, published in the middle of last year. Unfortunately, Renault Arkana for a number of reasons has not become the bestseller of the French brand in Russia. On this score there are a number of factors, one of which is a budget approach. But if you dug deep, then there will be many interesting moments.

As you know, in May, the Avtostat experts conducted a study, the results of which are displayed on the infographics below. Respondents made owners of Renault Arkana cars. Owners evaluate the car as beautiful / stylish, original and modern.

Another point. Previously before buying a third of the future owners of Arkana, there were smaller class cars (Hyundai Creta refers to the SUV-B class) and the younger in the Renault Kaptur line. Another third of the future owners considered the SHA

It is also worth noting that beautiful

We also consider Renault Arkana in some

It is noteworthy that on rapidly fallen Russian car market

As for the whole concerns Chinese crossovers, we have the opportunity to continue the above-mentioned list of Avtostat, which ends with Renault Arkana.

So, during the first four months, Arkana’s account — Haval F7 decreased to 2: 1. During this period, 2,690 Chinese crossover F7 were implemented in the country. Although last year we recorded a three- and even fourfold gap in popularity.

The second place for another Chinese crossover of this dimensional class — Geely Atlas, he went through the expanses of the Russian Federation in the amount of 2,026 pieces. The former leader of the Chinese segment, the sales of which were recently minted — HAVAL H6 (1 381).

And in general sales

However, comparing the sales volumes of Chinese and non-hot crossovers can be noted quite a large gap. In the case of Toyota Rav4 and the current leader of the Chinese as a whole, it is almost fivefold. It takes a lot of time and effort so that the Chinese brand will conquer the hearts and wallets of the Russian motorist. But the process, as we see, began.