Condensors of the air conditioner are installed in the outer block of the front of the car and they are very easy to damage. And this question is not so much comfort, how much security is a reliable and smooth operation of the climate system is extremely important, especially in electric vehicles and hybrids, because their batteries and power electronics need constant cooling. The refusal of the air conditioning system can lead to serious faults and even the full cargo failure.

Mahle reliably satisfies the global demand of independent car services for air conditioning condenses — there are already 21 MAHLE logistics center around the world.

«The increase in the number of electric vehicles and hybrids in the world has changed the role of the climate system. This led to an increase in the volume of work related to the service of autoconditioners, «says Olaf Henning, member of the Board and General Director of MAHLE Aftermarket. «When the workshops inform people about the importance of servicing the air conditioning system, they are thereby protecting the vehicles of their customers from damage and ensure their mobility. And Mahle helps in this: we provide auto-operating training, the necessary information materials, as well as our proven service and diagnostic solutions for A / C. «

How condenser works

The condition of conditioner condenser is cooling and liquefying the refrigerant heated during compression in the air conditioner compressor. The refrigerant in the form of hot gas enters the condenser, gives heat to the environment through the tubes and edges of the condenser and thereby cooled. The cooled refrigerant turns into a liquid again and returns to the system.

Condensor malfunction leads to a decrease in the cooling level up to the failure of the air conditioning system. In addition, it leads to the continuous operation of the condensing fan. If the condense suspicion occurs, the manufacturer recommends that the master checks it for leaks, pollution or damage, as well as test pressure tests on high and low pressure sides.

In the 2020 anniversary year, Mahle Aftermarket has already 1200 names of various climatic condensors for passenger cars, vans and commercial vehicles already in its assortment. Together with high-quality products, MAHLE Aftermarket clients are available to the company’s extensive experience in the field of OEM business, its 100 years of experience in the development and production of components for vehicles, as well as more than 30 years of experience in the service sector.


MAHLE Group of Companies is a major international supplier of components for the automotive industry, a leading international development partner and a pioneer in the field of tomorrow’s mobility. Product portfolio includes all important components for power units and air conditioning systems — both for vehicles with internal combustion engines and electric vehicles and hybrids. Mahle Group has more than 79,000 employees, 160 production sites in more than 30 countries. The sales volume of the Group in 2019 amounted to about 12.0 billion euros.

Mahle Aftermarket is a business unit specializing in spare parts and equipment for auto repair shops. The division uses all the technologies and know-how of serial production and original after-sales service market. Mahle Aftermarket supplies its partners on the secondary market, independent service stations and automata products of original quality — from engine parts, filters and peripheral devices to climatic equipment and mechatronics. The product range complements the equipment for car services developed by MAHLE Service Solutions, as well as comprehensive services and individual training courses. The division includes brands such as Mahle, Brain Bee, Behr, Clevite, Izumi, Knecht Filter and Metal Leve.

Mahle Aftermarket is presented worldwide with numerous logistics centers, 25 regional affiliates and additional sales offices, where about 1,700 employees are employed. In 2019, this business unit has achieved world sales of more than 950 million euros.