In less time, it remains until March 31, when the Russian group of gas fully will fully feel the gravity of the crisp of the US Ministry of Finance. The American authority introduced a domestic auto-producer in the blacklist in April 2018 and the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, the owner of these automotive assets. How can these measures affect the domestic auto industry and the Russian automotive market? As in the future you can get out of sanctions. About this our material.

Recall that in April 2018, the Grozny Nabath was sounded from Washington’s shores from Washington, who announced the Sanctions of the US Ministry of Finance a whole group of Russian companies and their owner of Oleg Deripask, who were blacklisted. Last year, the oligarch was still able to agree on the fate of the world’s largest producer of Aluminum RUSAL (Russian aluminum). Deripaska reduces its share in the Maternal Holding EN +, which owns the controlling stake of the aluminum company, and sanctions are canceled, and introduced into the Board of Directors of the British and American managers.

The same version Oleg Deripaska also proposed for the GAZ group, but the Americans did not want to discuss this question.

Until recently, this car was sold with volumes less than a gazelle, but after it became aware of the sanctions, the gap between them began to decline.

It should be noted here that sanctions are not hit by the Nizhny Novgorod enterprise, but according to suppliers, which today the GAZ Group has mainly foreign ones. It is enough to a quick look at the list of companies, among which can be seen Canadian Magna, Japanese Takata, American Delphi, Visteon, South Korean Mando, etc.

The fact is that if these companies will work with a group of gas, then they are threatened by weighty financial losses. Therefore, the dependence of the gas and the Gazelle and Lawn family produced on it will turn into such a negative side.

Today, on the eve of the imposition of sanctions, foreign partners of the GAZ Group easier to disclose the supply, rather than to fall under the regulatory measures of the US mighty department.

The fact that Deripaska will definitely fall under pressure and its assets will be impaired, it became clear after his trip in winter on the business forum in Davos. According to the results of which he talked about the impossibility of agreeing. In addition, an unequivocal signal was sent through the Financial Times newspaper. An article was published that the Russian oligarch fulfills certain functions for the highest Russian leadership.

Operation «Rescue Group Gas»

Under these conditions, oligarch did not remain anything else as to start selling the assets of the GAZ Group. However, it all started in 2018, when negotiations between the owners of the Group and the United Engineering Group (OMG) began.

The fact is that at one time a group of gas includes not only automotive assets (Gorky Automobile Plant and Bus Plants in Likino, Pavlovsk and Kurgan), but also enterprises producing trucks (AZ Ural), Yaroslavl Motor, and several enterprises specializing in the release Special machinery and a number of other machine-building assets, which are often called uncroshilic.

So recently, the United Engineering Group (owner Dmitry Strezhnev) closed the acquisition of the Gas Automobile Gas «Ural» (Miass), also received a share in the Yaroslavl Motor Plant, which are engaged in the Ural trucks and all-terrain vessels. In addition, OMG has departed other non-core assets. First of all, RM-Tereks LLC, which manages such enterprises as the «Tver Excavator», «Chelyabinsk Construction and Road Machines», «Bryansk Arsenal», «Zavolzhsky Country Tractor» plant. Separately, it is worth saying about the YMZ, the largest producers of diesel engines in Russia. OMZ has departed 47.2% of the Action of the Yaroslavl enterprise, about the same package remained in the Gas Group.

According to experts, the transaction with OMG reduced the debt of the GAZ Group and supported it financially against the background of the fall in the market and the negative impact of the threat of full-scale administration of American sanctions. Infusion of funds will allow not to reduce the gas investment program for 2020.


Omg Strezhnev spoke about their las to the acquired factories, said in an interview with Interfax. And that’s what is interesting, the new shareholder has enough ambitious plans for the development of the automobile plant. Last year, AZ «Ural» was able to implement 7836 cars, which is 17% more than a year earlier. Moreover, the proportion of export deliveries in the volume of the enterprise exceeds 20%, and the main foreign markets are CIS countries, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and even Latin America. In promising plans from the enterprise the further development of the line of trucks «Ural» with a bad layout. This firstborn showed in Moscow in autumn at the ComTrans-2019 exhibition. Dumping with an upgraded blank cabin with a wheel formula 6×4. Baby-blind road cars can be used in construction and in road communal services. Also on COMTRANS 2019, new items were exposed — capotic «Ural Next 6×4» on gas fuel and a new modification of the Ural Next off-road car 6×6: This is an on-board car with a shut-screen installation.

Also, the OMG owner declared that enterprises will continue all the developments in the enterprises of the special equipment segment, which are manufactured at the RM-Trex sites.


But what can happen to the plants of the gas remaining in the group after March 31, 2020? While it is difficult to say. On the one hand, we could not not note that the Czech company Skoda at the gas capacity began production

On the other hand, today gas is actively running for pre-production

The fact is that at the end of February, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation proposed to increase the transport tax for commercial cars of the environmental class below Euro-3. If

Dear readers, how do you think, are the sanctions really contribute to the sharp weakening of the domestic enterprise? Write in your opinions in the comments.