Today in the environment of Russian motorists there is a steady stereotype about what the Chinese car should be. This is, first of all, a compact crossover, an oversight, equipped with a turbo engine and automatic tropsismism, with a fairly fresh design. Such cars are mainly represented in sub- and compact SUV classes.

It would seem, finally, empirically, the Chinese automakers felt like that segment, where their gates of the Russian car market should meet success. Indeed, sales of SUV cars, despite the crisis, we are growing like on yeast if you can apply such a comparison. And Chinese crossovers also show a dynamic growth. At the same time in the rating of popularity, Chinese stamps take one height after another.

However, the successes of Chinese crossovers can still be characterized as modest. Consumers are conservative people. No wonder the same automotive analysts and specialists compare today’s automotive China with 20-year-old koreans. They adequately passed the way and today are leaders of the Russian car market.

Our channel has repeatedly talked about the role and place of Chinese cars on

But today we will talk about other Chinese cars, about familiar sedans and hatchbacks. With them, they went to us 10-15 years ago, but did not save success.

As not strange, this topic suggested with recent care from the Russian marketman sedan Geely Emgrand7. It was the only sedan in the model row of the Chinese brand. The fact that the sedan went from the Russian market was confirmed by the official representatives of Geely. According to their information, BelDji factory in Belarus, where the Chinese brand cars are going, removed the model from production. Only crossovers remained on the website of the Russian office of Geely: Atlas, Emgrand X7 and Coolray, who has debut at the beginning of this year. It is known that the power of the Motor Mounting Plant «Belji» allows you to collect only three cars at the full cycle. Probably Coolray, the assembly of which is promised to adjust until the end of the year, will take on the conveyors the place of the departed sedan Emgrand 7.

Why do we pay attention to this sedan? The automaker really wanted, but this car did not pass the test by Russian conditions. In one Russian city millionth, a taxi enterprise bought a large game Geely Emgrand 7 in 2013, but not passed years, as they were written off. Previously, this sedan was called as EC7. But in 2016, the model was renamed, and the assembly was transferred to the capacity of Belji. Russians Emgrand 7 offered with two «atmospheric» to choose from — 1.5-liter and 1.8-liter power 103 and 133 hp Transmissions — «Mechanics» or variator. The cost of the car varied from 780.9 to 944.9 thousand rubles. Many of our motorists believed that this is a copy of the Toyota Corolla of the pre-previous generation.

Not in a hurry to bring the new sedan to the Russian market and the first automotive company FAW. In the autumn last year, she announced the release of the budget sedan FAW BESTURN B30. The official website of the company still hangs the announcement of this car. In theory, his success would have to accompany. The price tag is sparing (from 549 thousand rubles for the Besturn B30 base sedan), the dimensions are decent (it is slightly more than Lada Vesta), the beautiful pedigree that he takes from Volkswagen Jetta Previous Generation: in the subway model made his debut in 2016 and with We have undergone two restyling.

Stuffing exactly what our motorists love — an atmospheric engine of 1.6 liters, the developing capacity of 109 hp, which is aggregated with the five-speed «mechanics» or a six-band «automatic» AISIN. In theory, the car could take a worthy place in a number of our folk sedans. But the pandemic was prevented. We hope that all the FAW sedan will enter the Russian market. But what awaits his fate? This is a completely different story.

Recall that in 2016-2018 FAW sold in Russia budget sedans B50 and FAW Oley. The models were sold poorly: the first was separated by a circulation of 215 pieces, the second — 363. Not wonderfully: the design is so-so, the quality of the assembly is not very. If the new B30 leads to the market to Russia, then there should not repeat the errors of the predecessors, otherwise the failure.

And another new one from the Chinese company JAC. Stylish Chinese Liftbek Jac J7 will be brought to Russia, former designer Maserati and Alfa Romeo worked on his appearance. The new Liftbek J7 debuted on the home market last year under the name A5. According to the dimensions, the model is similar to Kia Stinger: the length is 4772 mm, the width is 1820 mm, the height is 1492 mm. Above the exterior of the model worked for ex-designer Maserati and Alfa Romeo Daniele Galon.

The novelty will come to Russia with a 1.5-liter turbo engine that is equipped in China. Its power is 150 hp, drive — front. The engine is aggregated with a six-speed «mechanics» or variator. In the Salon J7, an electronic dashboard with a seventhuminum screen is installed, a 10.4-inch multimedia sensory display, which can be controlled by voice commands. The model also received sports seats with advanced side support. In the top trim, they are equipped with an electrically regulatory.

Attempts not to «hook» our motorist in the Russian market of Chinese automakers in the Russian automakers are not familiar with the format of the Chinese car in the body of Liftbek knowingly doomed to the market failure. Chinese marketers will be seriously evaluated by the prospects for demand in the Russian market and withdraw an excellent offer for Russians.

Those Chinese stamps that work in the SUV segment today are reputation. Only after the domestic motorist is convinced that the products of the Chinese auto industry deserves attention, it will switch to other models.