The pandemic caused a significant blow to the car market of many countries, but on this negative background more and more realize that automakers think about the post-crisis era, and are preparing for her. Our channel summarized the information and saw an amazing picture.

As you know, the People’s People’s Republic of Justice accepted the hit of Coronovirus. It did not turn away from him and the Chinese car industry. The negative situation in the subnet member was reflected in many countries whose car factories were tied to the supply of autocomponents from the PRC.

However, having survived this attack, the Chinese car industry first began to leave coma. The PRC government wondered over 2-year benefits to enterprises of the industry, and to raise the car market from the knees to buyers can start issuing cash subsidies in the amount of up to $ 1,400 per car.

But we are interested in somewhat different, namely, that’s what. Even before the Wuhan virus

The former leader among Chinese brands in the Russian Federation relies on the availability of its models (today the leader of the Chinese segment of HAVAL). Since May 6, Chinese Geely began selling Coolray’s compact crossover in Russia in the COMFORT basic configuration — such worth 1 million 89 thousand rubles. Coolray went to the Russian market in mid-March, but so far the model has been available only in medium and top-end equipment, so its price started from 1,289,999 rubles. Now Gamma has four options — Comfort, Luxury, Flagship and Flagship Sport. But the most important thing is that the use of Comfort is not called poor. Yes, yes, this is an old familiar principle that the Korean automakers have tried — «more car for the same money.» This is justified, because Coolray will have to fight in a class where such deserved «authorities» as Nissan Qashqai.

It should not smile skeptically. The wow marketers of Chinese automakers just aimed at entering the segment first, and then take something to the buyer. Look, the director of sales of another Chinese automaker Chery, Anton Ganzha notes: «People are looking for an alternative to RAV4, Tiguan, Koreans, which rose by 20-30, and then 50 percent. Therefore, in this segment, we introduce EXEED. » This is Stem Chery. Preparing for the exit to the Russian market TXL crossover. Its dimensions — 4775 x 1885 x 1706 mm, wheelbase — 2800 mm. The crossover for Russia will be equipped with a 1.6 liter turbocharged motor, which issues 186 hp. Power and 275 nm of torque. It works in a pair with preselective transmission of 7DCT wet type. There is a four-wheel drive.

But another model from Chery, which can become the most expensive «Chinese» in our market. It will be a kind of budget alternative to Toyota Land Cruiser. We are talking about EXEED VX crossover. He, according to Anton Gagzhi, will appear in our country in 2021. At the same time, the crossover has not yet entered the Chinese market, and is not even presented officially in the form of a serial machine. So in Russia the car may appear almost immediately after the subway. There are few information about EXEED VX. Overall dimensions — 4970 x 1940 x 1795 mm, wheelbase — 2900 mm. The crossover will have a 7-seater salon and several motors to choose from. These are turbocharged 2.0-liter engines with a capacity of 220 and 254 hp and 1.6t at 197 hp Chery’s successes are supported by statistics, according to the results of the first quarter of 2020, 1689 vehicles were implemented, which is 37% higher than the same period last year. The Cryy bestseller remains the mid-sized crossover Tiggo 4, which has developed in the amount of 955 units.

Reading such information devices, it seems that the Chinese expansion does not meet resistance and braking in Russia. However, it is not. Chinese Haval H6 long period was the most popular Chinese in the domestic market. Haval H6 leaves, and who remains?

The sale of a new framework SUV HAVAL H5 has begun, the production of which has been established at the factory in the Tula region. The novelty is available in two configurations — Comfort and Premium — at a price of 1 million 099 thousand rubles to 1 million 349 thousand rubles. Already in the basic configuration, the HAVAL H5 has climate control, rear parking sensors, a multimediasystem with a touch screen and cruise control with control on the steering wheel. In the top pack, Premium additionally provides a leather interior, seats electrically regulating and a rear view camera with dynamic marking.

But in addition to this, the squad of Chinese automakers, which are on the edge of expansion in the Russian Federation, there are still from less successful, but no less persistent automakers from the Middle Kingdom.