The current generation of Chevrolet Tracker did not have time to get to the Russian car market. Crimean events ahead output to us a cute crossover with a cross on the radiator. In 2015, Chevrolet turned his presence, leaving us the biggest cars of the model range.

When the UZ-AUTO company stated that at the end of the year six models will be presented in Russian dealerships, analysts immediately noted that the tracker crossover is one of the most obvious applicants. But the updated version of the car can come to us, but the current generation. But about the new generation of the car, you can make a presentation on the presentation of the version of Chevy Tracker for South America. These cars began to produce in Brazil, and they differ from similar Chinese versions.

The new Chevy Tracker is built on the GLOBAL Emerging Markets budget platform (Global Emerging Markets), which is designed for low-cost compact cars for developing markets like South America countries or China. In fact, this is a modified and simplified Delta platform, familiar to us by the Chevrolet Cruze model.

The most piquant situation is that the new crossover is a player in the most popular SUV (B) crossover segment.

The equipment of Brazilian cars is somewhat overgrown, rather than similar to the subway. Six airbags already have «in the database» (in the PRC side pillows and curtains — options), as well as a media system with an eight-mummum screen. On the other hand, the Latin American Tracker in all configurations has drum rear brakes, while on the expensive versions in China they put disc. Immediately remember our Arkana.

But the main differences are under the hood. Crossovers for the cessistema are equipped with three-cylinder turbocovers with direct injection. The liter unit gives 125 hp and combined with «mechanics» or a six-speed preselative «robot», and with a volume engine 1.3 l (165 hp) is aggregated by a variator.

The Brazilian Parcate also put turbotroys, but with a distributed injection and, moreover, adapted to work on ethanol. The engine volume of 1.0 liters gives 116 hp, and the motor 1.2 l — 131 hp Both engines work with a classic six-speed «automatic», and only the most simple liter version has «mechanics». Drive only front, because neither in China, nor in Brazil buyers four-wheel drive ignore, for the conquest of off-road they have other cars. Eh, to leave him atmospheric, like the current generation.

However, ahead of this model is the development of other markets, and there is a very high probability that Chevrolet Tracker will get to Russia. True, first the current generation. Uz-AUTO Uzbek enterprise is already engaged in assembling these generation machines, but only for the domestic market. According to production plans by 2023, cars will appear in the production program of the Automobile Plan on the modular platform of the General Motors concern, and among them there will be a new Tracker. If we consider that this spring, Uzbek production cars in Russia will come under the Chevrolet brand (instead of the unsuccessful Ravon brand), then the current generation Tracker has every chance to go to our market, and then a new generation. Unless General Motors deign to leave the country again.