The technical repair industry can expect a series of bankruptcies due to COVID-19. With such a letter to the Russian government, representatives of independent maintenance stations (service station) appealed. In contact with the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishoustina, representatives of independent car services reported more than double reducing capital turnover. 80% of maintenance stations waiting for the collapse, warned merchants and asked to introduce tax and administrative reliefs.

«Recent events in the international oil market and the subsequent decline in the ruble year aggravated the situation, since all spare parts and materials are purchased to import, the appeal says. — Termination of activities due to compliance with the self-insulation regime will lead to the bankruptcy of many companies in our industry. Over the past week, the reduction in turnover in the industry amounted to about 60%. «

According to representatives of car services, within the limits allowing to preserve the enterprises of the term, the demand for their services will not be restored, which will force «to reduce the staff and narrow the activity.» There are about 100 legal entities among signatories, and approximately as many individual entrepreneurs, as well as large network brands: Fit Service (230 car services in 110 cities), «Wilgood» (120 car services in 44 cities), etc.

«The Russian auto repair industry with a capacity capacity of more than 589 billion rubles is on the verge of collapse — the planned decline in revenues from points in April is from 70 to 80%, while we predict that more than 80% of independent car services may not open after the crisis,» is divided By its forecast, the co-founder of the Wilgud Car Services Network Tursunova.

According to her, Niche of the Car Repair was not included in the list of victims from the coronavirus sectors of the economy. In the current situation, they consider it necessary to apply to the state for support.

To solve their financial problems, commercials offer a complex of fiscal and administrative elections. In particular, they are asked to cancel the collection of a single tax on the imputed income (UNVD), taxes on the simplified tax system and on the patent system, the accrual of taxes on property, income tax (NDFL), taxes on the wage fund. In addition, it is proposed to introduce an «rent amnesty» with the prohibition of the Rental Treaty Termination, tax and credit holidays for landlords and maximum credentials in lending to banks.

Personnel of businessmen ask for allowing to let go to forced vacation for the period up to six months, subject to the state of monthly benefits (up to 80% of wages).

Experts of the car market estimate the situation in the auto repair, as heavy, but not yet critical. It is believed that the company’s market is generally more resistant to crisis, and this is shown previous years. Modern car is rarely repaired independently. Therefore, it will be easier to survive the crisis.