Today, when the crisis is again raging at the car market, and the sales of cars fell to an extremely low level, Korean automaker KIA began to carry out its proven strategy on the Russian car market to withdraw the updated model gamma. Our channel figured out this issue and predicted results.

Today, the most popular foreign car in the Russian car market and the country’s car park is Kia Rio.

But if recently a promoter

The edition of the autores published snapshots of the Camouflied Kia Rio, which one of the readers was able to catch in St. Petersburg. This time the camouflage was dressed in a simple configuration: it is indicated by steel wheels with caps, turn signals on the front wings and the lack of LED running lights in the front bumper. Analyzing the snapshot can be noted that the changes will affect the bumpers, the radiator grille, headlights and the rear lights, but it is not worth it for serious changes: the volume of improvements will be about the same as the relative Solaris. After all, the «filling» of the car is unlikely to differ from

Recently, as you know, the Korean automaker began production at the capacity of the Kaliningrad AutoTotor Auto Plant, the new model of the compact crossover

In fact, the Korean automaker Kia Motors automakers on

Since almost the entire model line of the Korean automaker is represented on the Russian market, the rate on its oligation is being made, that is, the release of facelifting models or the next generation car.

So, the Kia Sorento crossover fourth generation in the home market in South Korea was presented two months ago and is still presented there. The start of European sales is not far off, but Russian buyers will have to wait: According to the Autonews portal, the new Sorento will appear in our market in the second half of 2020. In Korea, the crossover is still proposed only with Turbodiesel 2.2 (202 hp), and in the global gamma there will also be a gasoline turbo engineer 2.5 (281 hp) and a hybrid with a junior engine 1.6 and an electric motor (total 230 hp). However, it is possible that for some countries (including Russia) KIA will offer a version with a 2.5 liter atmospheric version.

Also this year, Russian dealers will appear

However, in the European market, the Korean concern corrects its model range. Thus, the head of the European branch of Kia Emilio Errera announced the care of Kia Optima from the European market. The new sedan in Europe will not sell due to low demand. Instead of Optima, the Korean firm concentrates on promoting the sorento fourth generation crossover. In a conversation with the Netherlands edition, Autovisie Emilio Errera stressed that Kia was considering the possibility of sales of the new Optima in Europe, but the marketers of the Korean firm considered that German premium brands would be dominated in the highly competitive segment of D-class sedans. Demand will be low.

According to KIA, the actual «fourth» Optima was well sold only in Poland and Sweden, and in the Scandinavian country demand was used by universals, which will not be in the fifth generation. Our Kia Optima competes with Toyoyta Camry — Class D Bestseller Compare, last year our owners found 34 017 Toyota Camry, and Kia Optima was separated by a circulation of 25,707 copies. This is just an excellent result, considering that «Camry» is the main domestic «car for officials», and is an unused participant in various kinds of procurement for municipal and regional authorities.