The French company Bugatti Automobiles is known to specialize in the release of cars in the luxury segment. From the first half of the twentieth century, the release of gorgeous cars for aristocrats has become the profile of this company. But today, this old and legendary brand consists in the friendly family of brands of the German concern Volkswagen and he does not get rid of him, but completely, without leaving him. What cunning fint is invented in our material.

Recall that this car family Volkswagen was built more than half a century. In the mid-60s marriage

Ahead, more acquisitions of VW in the segment of freight and commercial cars. Also Family Family, the owner of VW is also the owner of the famous car company Porsche. But today we are talking about a friend. About how Bugatti began to be treated. Recall that now in the brand line Bugatti Automobiles there are two models — these are veyron sports cars and chiron.

According to foreign automotive media, the Croatian company Rimac Automobili can become the new owner of Bugatti. Rimac Automobili is a manufacturer of fully electrical hypercars, as well as nodes and batteries systems. It appeared in 2009 and in essence, rose from the «garage hobby» of its founder, Mate Rimak, who managed to remake his BMW E30, equipping it with electric transmission, and also interested in the project of future investors. According to Car Magazine, with reference to its own sources, the leaders of the VW concern have already agreed to sell the brand of the Bugatti company Rimac. However, so far she did not approve the supervisory council of the German concern.

This transaction is supposed to attract Porsche. Now she has its own share in Rimac, it is 15.5%. According to Car Magazine, during the sale of the Bugatti brand, the Croatian company will receive its benefit to the Porsche — or rather the increased percentage of RIMAC. It is expected that he will grow up to 49% (we note, Hyundai, Kia, Koenigsegg, Jaguar and Magna also arrive in the list of investors of the Croatian company. Presumably, on these conditions, a family family will agree on the transaction, which still owns a 50% controlling stake in the VW concern.

So, it seems to be selling a manufacturer of sports cars, but did not completely go from there. And the reason is simple. If the marginality in the mass segment is low, or rather, low, then in the premium, and in the production of sports cars, it is, on the contrary, high.

And very interesting information that Car Magazine wrote.

Recall, at the beginning of the year it became known that Bugatti thinks about the release of a «daily» model that will not be a sports car. It was originally assumed that it would be a crossover, but later in the company stated that they did not plan to follow a common trend and want to «do something else» (it is known that the novelty will not be sedan). For new items, it is planned to create a new platform: Earlier, the President of Bugatti Stephen Winkelman said that he did not plan to use the «trolleys» of VW development. Such a «daily» model was to become more affordable in comparison with the existing hypercars. In July of this year, it became known that the project to develop a new model is the most «not sports car» — decided to postpone. The head of Bugatti explained that the manufacturer intends to save funds and not invest in expensive projects.