There were no such auction of «unprecedented generosity» in the modern history of automotive Russia. Leading American automakers sell their assets at a reduced price.

True, not all of them can be done to quickly «fuse» their capacities. The American Concern Ford has just become known at a discount of 40% for the sale of automotive plants in Vsevolozhsk (Leningrad Region) and Naberezhnye Chelny (Tatarstan). The property of factories, closed in 2019, it is planned to sell on August 28 in parts, said the Russian auction house (glad), a bid organizer. Loaders will be loaders, arc welding, electric stapler, lifts, and other property of enterprises. The total amount of all 89 lots taking into account the discount is 26.9 million rubles. I was glad to stressed that equipment in good condition, it was regularly serviced, and at the same time sold «at a much more attractive price than new foreign analogues.»

At the end of June, Ford auto plants in Vsevolozhsk and Naberezhnye Chelny were sold through 112 lots at a starting price of 69 million rubles. So for the small money, the Americans quickly want to get rid of the property «hanging on their neck». True, the actual premises of Ford factories are not sold. Apparently, there will be an investor to these buildings soon.

But the other American automaker has not been lucky for a long time, but today is a holiday on his street. Finally, after five years, there were those who wish to their assets. At the same time, the Americans even subsected a little.

Surely, in the category of the most successful way out of the situation in the annals of the Russian automotive history, the sale of the GM AvtoVAZ motor assembled complex will be traveled to Togliatti.

In December 2019, the domestic AvtoVAZ bought a 50% stake in the Togliatti joint venture GM-Avtovaz from the American company for a round sum of 470 million rubles. (about $ 70 million at the rate of last year). Thus, the production site, later renamed to Lada West Togliatti, was 100% owned by AvtoVAZ, but the most significant in this transaction is that the NIVA model returned to the Lada grocery portfolio.

Niva’s body «dragged» on one of the threads of the AvtoVAZ pipeline and this fact immediately spawned a lot of assumptions. Autoexperts started talking about such a castle. Lada Niva production will be transferred to the main assembly shop, and the power of Lada West Togliatti will be loaded by Renault crossovers, which today are produced at the Moscow enterprise Renault Russia.

The fate of another empty plant of the American automaker is known to be known — we are talking about the General Motors assembly plant in St. Petersburg Shushar, which was canned back in 2015. In early August 2020, the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia approved the petition of Hyundai to buy 94.83 percent of the General Motors of the Auto LLC. For how much South Korean brand will cost Petersburg Plant until it is reported.

In the spring of 2019, according to the results of an unscheduled inventory, it turned out that the property was stolen from the GM plant by 54.5 million rubles. Chop employees to whom GM paid for protection, left posts and, perhaps, participated in a plundering. GM could not present CHOP complaints, since the organization «suspiciously» was eliminated at their own request.

However, the main production equipment is safe and maintained, but it will require its upgrade to start. The capacity of the enterprise allows you to produce 98 thousand cars per year. Thus, the total production facilities Hyundai in Russia will increase to 330 thousand cars. In addition, at the Kaliningrad Factory «Avtotor» on a contract assembly produced models of Hyundai and Kia.

Experts are still guessing, what models can start producing Koreans on these capacities? Will this couple Hyundai Tucson — Kia Sportage, or Hyundai Elantra? Unknown.

Our channel also reported that construction began in the vicestyles of St. Petersburg