For many years, the leading automaker of the country AvtoVAZ has always timed the leading automaker for many years to hold the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MMAS).

In fact, on it the main thing was the exposition of LADA, which was often given the whole hall of the Crocus Expo exhibition complex. In previous years, especially those who called the «fat» popularity of the Moscow Autoow Rosla. He even received a high category and practically stood on a par with leading car dealerships of the world, and his holding was booked at even years. This immediately affected the quality of exhibition expositions, since the world’s leading automakers have planned their world, European and Russian premieres on MASA. 2012 remembers when the world premiere of the Opel Astra Sedan car was held at the Moscow Autow. But everything broke in 2014, when the Moscow autobiolen fell into a steep peak.

As a result, the last time of the exhibition, the MAS 2018 actually turned into auto show AvtoVAZ and numerous Chinese automakers.

Recall on that auto show

But for the international car dealership with the category of this little. In principle, other and could not be. The car market of Russia turned out to be very volatile — deep decals are not leveled by subsequent growth. Hopes for the fact that according to forecasts

Therefore, perceive the news that, Moscow Motor Show 2020, opening the doors every two years at the end of summer, this year will not pass, did not have a sensational. One of the reasons is a coronavirus pandemic, in the fight against which all mass events are canceled.

Many automotive exhibitions are canceled or transferred to later deadlines. It began with the Geneva Motor Show at the beginning of March, which was canceled a few days before the opening date. It has already been announced that the Beijing and New York car dealers will be held at another time.

The official website hangs a message that the MMAS 2020, which was supposed to go from August 26 to September 6 to Crocus Expo, was transferred. And — indefinitely. And it is alarming, because other international exhibitions hurried at least pre-assign the time when they still take place.

The decision on new terms will be taken with the analysis of all factors: epidemiological safety, economic situation in the automotive market, as well as the financial situation of participants and visitors.

Those who wish to declare themselves at this event, apparently, was not just a little, but very little. This is financially not justified: it is cheaper to organize a separate event. And now everything is more relevant to the online format. And it is interesting here, and what will the Domestic AvtoVAZ will be done to do the main exhibitor.

Representatives of the plant say that life makes its own adjustments to many companies, but as for the Lada brand, then the decision to participate in the MAS was taken before the start of restrictive measures. The choice was made in favor of his own events. But representatives do not voiced or the date nor the occasion.

Moreover, AvtoVAZ hides what specifically the model will be present in 2020. However, according to the main Russian newspaper, premiere shows can be organized for restyled Lada Lada Largus and Lada Niva-2 models (former Chevrolet Niva), and may also be shown to the general public concepts.

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