Recently, Bloomberg has published a long-term forecast for the development of world motorization until 2040, i.e. Look at 20 years ahead. These theses we found in this forecast. Two years later, in 2022, there will be a total of 500 electrical models on sale. That is, the choice of electrocars will increase repeatedly. By 2025, 8.5 million electric stars (or 10% of world demand) will be sold in the world, in 2030 — 26 million (28%), and at 2040 — 54 million (58%).

By 2025, the cost of gasoline and electrical machines is equal. The car markets of Europe, the United States and China are faster than the rest of the world to the electrocars. The third world countries will ride in gasoline cars and after 2040. Here is the last one and will be characteristic of the car market of the Russian Federation. However, today voices are heard that for the markets of developed countries, cars with traditional engines will not stop being relevant for a long time.

In this regard, we are closer and more interesting is not the forecast of Bloomberg, and on which models is going to concentrate our main automaker AvtoVAZ? What cars he is going to bring to the domestic market and than to delight Russians.

Recently, on the portal published material about

The more interesting was the presentation of the Director of the Lada B / C program Alexey Likhacheva, in which the concentrated form is presented in concentrated form

According to this plan, by the end of 2022 AvtoVAZ will present five new models, and will also restore two cars already produced. Further, in the time interval from 2023 to 2026, the release of five more new cars, five updates will also be held. This is an application for new items in general.

Now more specifically. What kind of new items to expect in the coming years. Unfortunately, the details from the official AvtoVAZ did not hear. However, it is possible to assume with some more confidence that in the period up to 2022 it will be upgraded / facelifting

In the long run, AvtoVAZ also plans to expand its all-wheel drive gamut, continue working on media systems and increase engine efficiency, as well as engage in unmanned technologies and release electric vehicles. Although the company will need the help of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

Well, in the current year, the iconic Prime Minister AvtoVAZ can no longer expect, except for Chevrolet Niva will turn into Lada Niva and will survive a small restyling.

However, we note, since our car market appeared again in the next crisis, then the deadlines for the emergence of new products can be shifted. It remains only hopes for the best.