Prices for spare parts have already begun to grow. The main cause of such dynamics was the change in the course of the national currency. Given that in auto parts, the currency component is laid down to an increase in the purchasing value of imported goods. It is quite natural behavior that is not very observed in the auto parts market.

Sellers say that auto parts will be expensive because they are ordered in dollars and euros. Growth corridor can be from 20% to 30%. There are more parts on some parts, less.

However, if for example, pads and filters Order In the Russian manufacturer, the increase in price will be less. But if you need an imported German control unit, then the price can grow up to 40%.

But in this position as a tire, the rise in price will occur in the fall.

Most of the machines of age up to 5 years are still under warranty and is forced to be serviced from official dealers or in authorized hundred. It will also entail an increase in the cost of maintenance and operation.

Among key price drivers for spare parts price — currency rates and a drop in demand for new cars.

The second circumstance will result in aging a fleet and an increase in the need for details, which will cause price increase. The epidemiological situation will also have a significant impact. Mileage may increase, therefore, the demand for auto parts will be pulled. This will also affect the price.

Yet the cost of auto parts affect the dollar and the euro. First of all, import spare parts will rise in price. Part of the car enthusiasts will switch to the gray market of spare parts, but very insignificant. Nevertheless, we are talking about the behavior model. And if people are accustomed to buying inexpensive details, they will continue to do it. If they need expensive and imported, then their 10% is not embarrassing. Another thing is that some stores enjoy the situation to benefit. Speculative interests of sellers Among the reasons for the increase in the experience of past years are present.

Of course, complete clarity will come after a while.

As for the postpandemic period, experts indicate two ways to develop events. Maybe as in the past, to work the effect of deferred demand. Motorists will need pendant parts, tires and car maintenance. The second scenario is more pessimistic. Motorists will begin to save as much as possible. This is called crisis behavior. The population is greatly lifted, for the period of self-insulation, debts may be accumulated, so the cost of the car will be significantly reduced. They will try to save as much as possible.