Attempts by a number of foreign automakers to develop a trend on electromobilization suffered failure in the Russian Federation. Today, no one recalls the electric Mitsubishi I-MIEV electrician, and the chance of becoming a pioneer of electrifying the fleet of Russia. The electric car is not in the price list of official dealers of the Japanese company. There is also no electrocarna Nissan Leaf, which is today the most popular electric car in the Russian Federation. The reason for the disappearance is simple: no filling infrastructure — no electric vehicles. And now the German Audi is coming out for the advanced struggle for the electromobilization of the Russian fleet.

It is announced that five dealers of the German brand: three in Moscow, as well as in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, began receiving orders for electrical crossovers Audi E-Tron. Over time, the company plans to expand the geography of sales and intends to invest more than 40 million rubles in the development of a network of charging stations in those regions where E-Tron is going to sell. There is a new attempt to restart the electric machine of the fleet of the Russian Federation. But if previous attempts failed and failed in the mass segment with a low price tag for electric cars, now Audi makes a bet on the premium segment. The basic price of E-TRON in Russia is 5 million 595 thousand rubles. That is, E-Tron is 800 thousand rubles. More expensive diesel Audi Q7.

The initial setting of AUDI includes a pneumatic suspension, LED headlights, two-zone climate control, virtual instruments, fifth door electric drive, parking sensors and 19-inch wheels, but the seats are tissue upholstery.

But the most important question, and how much kilometers is enough battery charging? We have been offered only one modification of E-TRON 55 (there is a younger version of 50 quattro on the European market). Crosovera has two electric motors at 170 and 190 hp Capacity of the traction battery is 95 kWh, and the declared mileage on one charging along the WLTP cycle is 411 km.

The maximum speed is limited by electronics at a mark of 200 km / h, overclocking up to 100 km / h occupies 5.7 s. And another electrocrustry can pull a trailer weighing up to 1800 kg.

For the electric car in Russia, three options package are proposed. The Advance version includes the electric drive and heating of the front seats, the rear view chamber, heating steering wheel, door closers, invincible access system and autonomous climatic installation (price 6 million 50 thousand rubles).