It is interesting to observe how individual brands of foreign automakers go away, and then return to the Russian car market. Three times noted by the returned care, the Spanish brand SEAT, eventually did not fit on the cold Russian expanses. If you thought that this brand in care and returns is champions, they are deeply mistaken.

However, today the main news was the return of the Chinese Lifan brand. Her leaving parishes are not like a seat or even

It just became known that after the statements about returning to Russia, Lifan resumed the export of crossovers X70 and intends to continue this practice by replenishing dealer warehouses due to the machines imported from China. This was told in the representation of the company in Moscow.

Recall, in 2018, Lifan was considered the most popular Chinese brand in Russia. His sales amounted to more than a thousand cars per month. However, the termination of the work of the Circassian auto plant «Derveis», where almost all models were collected for our market, turned out to be a fatal event for Lifan.

Car reserves are over, sales fell to zero, and the network of dealers began to melt in front of her eyes. At the end of last year, Lifan with the championship pedestal of Chinese foreign cars fell into fifth. And this happened against the background of bankruptcy reports at home. True, representatives of the brand in Moscow denied this information.

The first step on the restart of the brand in the Russian market was the import of crossovers X70 from the Middle Kingdom. The first Lifan X70 arrived in Russia and are already available in the salons of official dealers.

General Director of Lifan Motors Rus Liu Jian is considering the possibility of supplying and other models of the company, in particular, MYWAY crossovers.

How it will not seem strange, after all the peripetics, the Chinese automaker Lifan would like to resume assembling machines in Russia. Since the partner of the «Derveyis» from Cherkessk went bankrupt, and its owner is wanted.

However, one of the options is to cooperate with the HAVAL plant in the Tula region. However, concrete statements on this score did not make one of the parties. All these were distribution of autoslahurnists who heard from the representatives of the Haval statements that they can download their car factory by the release of cars of other Chinese brands.

Lifan considers the assembly of cars at the capacity of automakers of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. At the moment, the information is a commercial secret company. We will provide it before the start of the assembly, «Liu Jiang said.

At the same time, Azerbaijan can be added to the list of possible options. Here the company has assembly production. And in February, the number of models in the production line reached six, due to the addition of the same X70.

Now it remains to watch how successful Lifan returns.