The enterprise from the city of Engels in the Saratov region has completed its history.

The reason for the paradoxic position established in our country. On the one hand, the tram and trolleybus depot in large and large cities of the country are transferred to the hands of municipalities, which have a beggar budgets, and absolutely no opportunities to buy a new rolling stock. On the other hand, the capacity of enterprises is not loaded, because there are no orders from municipalities. There was a vicious circle. For the past years, the state has tried to help highlighting a small amount of 1.5 billion rubles on the line of state aid to co-financing the purchases of trolley buses and trams. The target subsidy was 8 million rubles. For a tram car, and 5 million per trolleybus. However, subsequently such subsidies are discontinued.

Today, the most difficult situation with such a kind of urban transport as a trolleybus. Moscow decided to get rid of the «horned» transport and an accelerated pace introduces electrical structures, removing the contact network from the metropolitan streets.

The enterprise, at one time, became the first and largest in the USSR by the trolleybus plant, stops activities. The Ministry of Industry of the Saratov region reported that the company extends debts, selling equipment. The sharp deterioration in the factory began in 2019, there were no orders, part of the staff worked in a part-time day. In December, it was announced that «Trolza» comes out of the idle mode, but the next crisis in the factory did not have been able to survive. The work «Trolza» will no longer return — at the moment there are 10 people left in the state, and the legal entity ceased to exist, the head of the Saratov Regional Ministry of Industry, Andrei Arkhipov, tells.

The story of Trolli began in 1868. At first, the factory produced cars and steamers, in 1926 he became a state car market for them. Uritsky, and in the 1950s was converted to the release of the Trolleybuses of the ZiU.

For more than 10 years, the main model of the enterprise has become Trolleybus Megapolis, including with dynamic recharging and with an increased autonomous course.

The country has remained capacity for the production of trolley buses. This is UTTZ (Ufim tram-trolleybus plant), which produces trolley buses in the buses of the bus Nafaz «Citizen» and the Vologda Plant Trans-Alpha, which produces the Trolleybuses of the Avangard brand. ADMIRAL TROLLLYEBUSES ADVIDE THE INTERIOR PC (PC Transport Systems) is also trying on the Trolbean PCs (PC), which is known for his articulated trams of «Vityaz» who will soon be re-equipped by Moscow Park. PC TS has entered into a lease agreement of industrial areas and equipment with «Trolley» for 11 months. How will the enterprise workshop will be used next.