Wuling will come to Russia with Chevrolet

Even at such a difficult time, automakers do not cease to delight us in self-isolation with their plans. We waited a long time when one of the leaders of the Chinese car industry will begin to discover the Northern Neighboring market. The statement followed, but what is wondering what way?

We are talking about Wuling.

But let’s go back these days. In China, the partner General Motors was reported to Wuling — intends to reach the global market. According to the portal «Chinese cars», they will get cars to Russia.

But what a spied moment turned out. It turns out that the new items will be sold in dealer centers … Chevrolet. It is interesting, and after all, after the departure of General Motors in 2015, such car dealerships remained at all. Well, if you just do not connect to the Uzbek partner’s process UZ-AUTO, because cars produced in this Central Asian country soon, instead of the Ravon nameplate, again try on the «Golden Cross» Chevrolet. Our canal wrote

However, now the Alliance’s leadership intends to bring 3 new models of Wuling at once. Having answered immediately to the question: what will the model line of American Chinese be? According to preliminary data, by the end of this year, the manufacturer will present Minivan Cetus, next 2021, the light will see the URSA crossover, and a year later — Sirius sports coupe. Technical details about models are not yet. It is possible that the machines will be built on the SAIC platform, which they share with the products of the Baojun brand, and gasoline turbo engines and hybrid power plants will enter the engine gamut.

It is noteworthy, but each car is made in the original stylist. The similarity between the models is only traced in the fact that each of them is equipped with two-roasted head optics. The design of the radiator lattice, bumpers and the entire body of these cars are different.

All this indicates that the marketing program is not developing a Chinese manufacturer, but General Motors. Such behavior is fully stacked in the current plans of the American concern, which gradually reduces its presence in the world market, but at the same time develops some brands that will allow GM to stay in some countries, including Russia. The latter also indirectly testifies in favor of what the Wuling brand will come to our country.

But in general, if you drop all the news associated with a pandemic, then you can see that Chinese companies today are the main newsmeera, it is enough to inflave the news feed.

Previously, it became known that the Russian market leaves the Chinese crossover Haval H6. And in perspective, the place in the model number of HAVAL will be occupied by another model. Moreover, it, apparently, will be localized on Having Motor Manufekchuring under Tula. But who will really be produced on the Russian soil, so this is a lengthened Great Wall Hover of 2011, called Haval H5 (in the photo). What also reported to our channel.

Or here is a completely fresh message. GAC certified a new minivan in Russia. But then the question arises, but this type is not popular with us. Who is he?

And finish the Chinese theme of statistics. Here is a dozen Chinese with us. Please note, and almost all top Chinese models are class SUV, and more accurate subclasses of SUV B and SUV C car. This is such an injury of the Main Market Bottry Choose automakers of the Far Eastern neighbor. There are no data for the first quarter, there are these. The leader has changed from Chinese brands. But in general, the outgoing HAVAL H6 is inferior to new localized models. These are the case in the Chinese direction.