Presented on May 27, the strategy of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi gave our Russian market for the curacy of the French automaker Renault. By other, and could not be.

Now the French received their geographical sector in the form of markets of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus, and in addition and their terms of work, including the supervision of the largest domestic automaker AvtoVAZ. French autoconecern will not only dominate here, but also to determine the work of other members of the Alliance. Our channel tried to evaluate these facts and predict what model number of the Alliance will promote in Russia.

After promulgation of the strategy, there is a very interesting geographic picture.

This distribution does not mean that, for example, Mitsubishi will leave the home market, and

Notice, about the same geographical distribution of roles recently happened in the «friendly family» of the German Volkswagen. Our Russian car market was handed over to oversee

But with the transfer of Curability by the Russian Renault Market, which today is in the process of restructuring and abbreviations, we can be before the fact. Nobody in conditions of savings of budgets will not be scattered by resources and develop separate models specifically for Russia, well, as it happened recently with the advent

Periodically emerging plums on how cars of the budget Romanian brand will look like for the European car market, in fact, show,

True, it will not happen tomorrow, but in a somewhat distant future. In the meantime before the sole owner

In the Romanian enterprise, the cardinal shift and the update of the model range. And we should look at this. And that’s why.

And if AvtoVAZ can still have their own unique models, it seems to be another Nevelifting Vesta, or the updated Largus-A on the old «renash» trolley, then for sure, the models of the Renault line can be repeated Dacia to one degree or another. After all, not forever release the current generation of Logan / Sandero, which lives on the AvtoVAZ conveyor since 2012, although they survived a small facelift in the year before last.

However, we have a precedent. New generation

The next generation of the popular Logan state employee will go to the European market in 2021. The presentation of the model will take place very soon, for sure until the end of the year. Plums did the French resource L’Argus. The new Logan-III, which is created by the Romanian brand DACIA, will be based on the CMF-B platform. The exterior of the model will finally loss the characteristic angular shapes and will become much more attractive. The sedan will adequately add in size. Moving the sedan on the CMF-B platform from the Clio of the fifth generation will allow you to install new power units on the car, including hybrid. With high probability, an E-Tech unit will be installed on the model consisting of a 1,6-liter atmospheric with a capacity of 91 liters. with. and pairs of electric motors feeding from accumulator by 1.2 kWh. True, it is unlikely to happen earlier than 2023. Also under the hood of the state employee, the Blue DCI and 1.0 TCE aggregates will be powered. The new «Logan» will receive a set of help to the driver, including, in particular, the system of automatic emergency braking and the «dead» sensors. Significantly expands and a set of available options. Modernization will increase the basic cost of the model for only 200-300 euros.

Also simultaneously with the Logan will be released a new generation of Dacia Sandero hatchback.

If the current version of Sandero has been based on eight years on the old B0 platform, the new generation, as well as Logan moves to CMF-B, the new Renault Clio V is built on it.

As you know, the Renault Group’s industrial strategy is to use common platforms, and the use of the CMF-B platform, which creates a «fresh» Renault Clio V and the Captur-II crossover fit into this order.

And one more development under completion. And again from the resource L’Argus, the concern developers will soon present a new cross-universal, which in the future can enter the number of global from the Renault Group. This will help promote an increase in the automaker competitiveness in the global market. The novelty will be released under the Dacia brand. The fate of Lodgy is already actually predetermined — the car ceased to be popular in the old world and requires urgent replacement. The seven crossover who comes to shift will receive its own style (see photo).

The length of the model will be approximately 4.5 meters. The car will form the CMF-B trolley of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The list of power units will enter the E-Tech hybrid with a capacity of 140 liters. with. Gasoline engines 1.0 and 1.3 Tce and diesel 1.5 Blue DCI will also be available. Sales of new items should begin in Europe in 2021. The cost of the car for the Euroraka will be small, in the region of 14 thousand euros.

These are new items preparing Renault for his «daughter» of the Romanian Dacia. It is still difficult to answer the question, what path will the Renault Logan / Sandero model in Russia will develop. She can go along the way as recently represented