Back in December, the head of the Kamsky Auto Giant Sergei Kogogin said that soon the model number of the largest domestic automaker of the freight equipment would be replenished with a low-tonnage model with the conventional name «Compass». There are some details about the project, which indicate the ambitious plans of the manufacturer from Naberezhnye Chelny. Our channel was dealt with.

First of all, this information is somewhat surprised. It turns out that the «KAMAZ Compass» model range will consist of four models with

The cabin question will seem to be simple. The donor will be the Cabind of Chinese Trucks Jac N-Series. In this case, the release of the cabin is planning to localize the capacities of the presses and frame plant. KAMAZ «Compass» is created by cargo canons — it will have a bad cabin and a frame with spars of direct profile.

Solved the problem of the power unit. Senior «Compassas» with a complete mass of 8 and 12 tons will be equipped with turbo diesel engines

The initial deadlines that the head of KamAZ spoke, provided for the release of the Ovenedi-Industrial Compass Party next 2021. But it is already clear that the broken crisis can drop the project for a longer period.


Also in terms of the conspiramic version, the idea that if still a group of gas will fall under

And in conclusion, the KAMAZ believes that their «compass» should fit into the most advanced tendencies of the global car industry. Therefore, in addition to diesel modifications, purely experimental «compasses» with electrical power installation and autopilot system are developed. The University of Innopolis is working on this topic (Kazan). The Citypilot Autonomous Control Complex will respond to the third level according to the SAE classification, that is, the car will be able to manage, accelerate and braking (including emergency).