An alliance building is a modern trend of world car industry, as a result of which, sometimes, completely unusual unusual automakers are formed. Did not have time to dry ink in the contract for the creation of such a union between

This time, the news of the next alliance was made from the American company General Motors and Japanese Honda. As long as the Memorandum is signed. But it is on the surface, because at the same time, there is a routine deep job. The goal is also announced: GM and Honda intend to create an alliance whose work will be mainly focused on the US market, although it will affect the global interests of both players.

However, Japanese Honda and American GM cooperate far from the first year. Back in 2013, they united in the field of hydrogen technology and four years later created a joint venture FCSM (Fuel Cell System Manufacturing). In 2018, a three-way union was concluded with the participation of Cruise to develop electric drone. And last April GM and Honda signed an agreement that the American side will develop two electric vehicles for Honda, and, in addition to the platform, they will have traction Ultium batteries and all GM electronics. It is assumed that both models will enter the American market in 2024.

Also in the plans of the future alliance, which has no own name, the development of general platforms, power units, both electrical and gasoline, onboard electronics, active safety systems and online technology. The objectives of the new alliance are the same as other such automotive unions: sharing resources, cost reduction, accelerating the development of new technologies.

All formal coordination will take a few more months. And the beginning of joint engineering works is scheduled for 2021.

As for Russia and its car market, both companies are present here, rather nominally. Cars and American giants, and the Japanese automaker in the Russian market are not very popular. From investment in the Russian auto industry, both partners refused. General Motors back in 2015 announced the departure of the Russian Federation,