Turbulence in the global economy and caused by it volatility of the national currency puts to Russia the task of accelerated import substitution in industry. The Russian brand «AKOM», known to motorists of high quality accumulators, has been actively and successfully competing successfully with foreign manufacturers, thanks to which the market is saturated with a domestic product of world quality across the Russian price.

The plant in Zhigulevsk is equipped with unique high-tech equipment of a world-class, which has no analogues in Russia and allows you to ensure the needs of the automotive battery market with high-quality products. Own Scientific and Technical Center «AKOM» is developing batteries with the best operational and consumer characteristics and has international accreditation recognized in European countries and Asia.

The choice of the quality of the batteries is evidenced by the choice of Russian and world automakers — today every second car coming back from the factory conveyor in Russia is equipped with an AKOM production battery.

The possibilities of the company for import-substitution with first-class quality AKB are confirmed by the fact that prestigious cars of foreign brands: Peugeot, Citroen, Haval, Opel are currently equipped with accumulators of AKO production instead of imported analogs.

The line of batteries of the AKOM brand includes an innovative series of batteries with advanced technical characteristics: improved across the batteries on EFB technology and accumulators with absorbed electrolyte using AGM technology with a warranty period of 4 and 3 years, respectively. Innovative technical solutions based on the designs of these AKB provide them with a number of advantages over standard lead-acid batteries: an increased life resource, reinforced resistance to cyclic loads, corrosive processes, vibration resistance, high and low temperatures, low self-discharge.

Currently, the production capacity of the AKOM plant is 3.5 million acb per year, which makes it possible to fully ensure the need for all consumers of the Russian Federation, both on the open market and on the conveyors of automakers, even with the complete termination of import deliveries of AKB. At the same time, the company «AKOM» not only offers a huge variety of products, but also on a specially created site of pilot industrial production, ready to work at the request of the client, and, it is, it is, to promptly develop and produce batteries according to individual technical specifications, including carrying out Small edition.

AKOM conducts a solid policies of the localization of raw materials, materials, components and spare parts. The plant does not buy components in China, therefore, unlike other enterprises, does not depend on the cessation of industries in the subway. To date, over 90% of materials and components are purchased by an enterprise within the country, and most of their share is not only localized in the Russian Federation, but also produced by the AKO Group of Companies. Production principles and market policy «AKOM» testify to the fortress of the position of the industry leader, for which the Russian market of the AKB can be reinforced in the current economic conditions.