Air conditioning compressor is the main element of the air conditioning system. If you draw an analogy with the human body, then the compressor is the «heart» of the system. The compressor squeezes the refrigerant, pumps it through the system and separates the sides of high and low pressure in the system (the so-called side of the discharge and side of the suction). In modern air conditioning systems, various types of compressors are used, characterized by power, performance, noise, etc.

Malfunctions: Symptoms and Causes

The sudden breakage of the compressor — the phenomenon as a whole is quite rare. There may be a permanent hum that is heard even when the air conditioner is turned off, as well as the rumble or browsing sound appearing when turned on. In addition, it may be the lack of clicking when turned on — the electromagnet does not work. What are the main reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon? Among the most common can be allocated as follows:

• Natural car wear compressor wear,

. Insufficient or excess refrigerant in the system,

• Cooling fan malfunction or mud crab condenser,

• Disruption of refrigerant circulation.

However, a simple replacement of a faulty compressor to a new one is unlikely to solve the problem, because a new unit will still work for a long time. The reason is the «chips», which remained in the system from the old compressor (for example, in oil, which can become black, in the receivers-desiccant and other parts of the system). These so-called wear products are able to «sentence» a new compressor. And it will happen quite quickly.

Such an unpleasant incident will definitely lead to a conflict with a car owner who obviously did not expect to pay twice for and so very cheap repairs. Therefore, DENSO is recommended to find the main cause of the compressor output of the compressor, to qualitatively distribute the entire air conditioning system and do not save on washing and replacing the receivers-desiccant.

Saving = diagnostics + service

A car air conditioner service culture minimizes the risks of the appearance of serious breakdowns and expensive repairs.

The air conditioning system requires regular diagnostics and service. Car enthusiasts should be remembered that the air conditioner needs to be periodically included regardless of the air temperature «overboard» — even in winter. In addition, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive check of the entire air conditioning system once a year, before the occurrence of summer.

It is also necessary to explain the danger of refueling the air conditioner in unauthorized «garage» services, since they tend only refuel the refrigerant and do not add oil into the cooling circuit.

The procedure for complete and high-quality maintenance of the air conditioning system takes from 45 minutes to an hour. DENSO specialists recommend performing the following operations:

Check the operation and performance of the system.

Determine the refrigerant type, as well as the quality of refrigerant and oil.

Check the availability of the cabin filter and replace it if necessary.

Reselection of refrigerant leaks. The universal method of detecting leaks does not exist, so it is recommended to use two or three methods at the same time.

Check the status of system components: the presence of damage caused by stones or corrosion, and the lack of air conditioner radiator contaminants. If necessary, they should be cleaned.

Check the operation of the air conditioning system, implying an assessment of the performance of the system, check for noise, an analysis of the operation of the condensor fan, air flow and mixing air flow (cold and hot), as well as check for the absence of unpleasant odor in the cabin when operating the system.

Make sure that the proper compressor oil is used.

The oil used in the air conditioning system is intended mainly to lubricate moving components, that is, the compressor and the needle of the expansion valve. In addition, oil provides compressor cooling. As in the case of a refrigerant, oil in the air conditioning system must have chemical resistance. That is why it is extremely important to choose the right oil for the system. Insufficient lubrication caused by the use of universal oil is the second prevalence cause of damage and malfunctions arising in DENSO compressors. Analysis of warranty advertising on DENSO compressors shows that in many cases, the maintenance stations used incorrect types of polyalkyl blood (Pag) oils for compressors of the air conditioning systems DENSO.